How Do You Deal With Summer?

We are just come past the season of Holi and welcoming the summer days in India “officially”. Now have I say officially is because, though it starts feeling warm even before Holi, summer actually sets in post Holi.

Things will really start to heat up now and we will all start running to beat the heat. ACs, fans and coolers will be on round the clock. For a major part of the year, we don’t really need all these things and can make do without them. However, the summer days are difficult to see off. Why do we feel so bad during summer and why does it become so unbearable? Who is responsible for all this? In my opinion, it’s you and me. It’s all the humans to be blamed and not a single entity can be alone

held responsible for this.

I am sure you might have come to know by now that it is global warming that I am referring to. We all need the shadow of a tree on a hot afternoon in such a hot day, but how many of us really care to even plant one tree and look after it until it is self-sufficient. Have you ever explored experienced how it feels to stand in the shade of a tree when you don’t find any shelter around? How many of us even think about doing it? Deforestation is going on at an alarming rate and no one seems to care for it. And in such a scenario how can we expect to still see the same

weather, which was, say 25 years ago.

When will we grow up and prove that we indeed care for Mother Nature. If we take care of it now, only then can we expect something for our future generation. I had also made an appeal to celebrate a safe Diwali in one of my earlier articles. It is our collective effort that will bring the change. Just reading and writing articles won’t help.

The need of the hour isn’t just to stop the global warming, which is both virtually and literally impossible. There are millions and billions of electronic devices manufactured in factories in a single year. Just imagine how much warming this might be creating in our atmosphere. Apart from that, the vehicles that are used also emit various gases that add to all the problems that are virtually slipping out of our hands to find a solution.

However, planting more and more trees and making sure that they all live to grow into full-grown trees is the only thing that looks easier to follow for all. And I hope we all take these things seriously for our future generations.

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