My Appeal: Celebrate Pollution Free Diwali, Please

The need of the hour is to celebrate Diwali in a peaceful and pollution-free manner. During these days the pollution level rises alarmingly. So, please slow down on firecracker use.

We are once again celebrating Diwali and it brings joy and excitement like it’s the first time. The atmosphere is joyous, full of lights and all sorts of eatables.

Festival of Lights

Friends, the festival of lights is just round the corner. These are the days when electricity is used the most. Every house is decorated with strings of light bulbs. The twinkling bulbs indeed have the power to attract one and all (no one cares about the (undue) usage of power and that is another thing).

Use of Firecrackers

Firecrackers are burst by each and everyone and the night sky gets filled with

colors. Can’t the festival of lights be celebrated without bursting firecrackers? The minimal use of the firecrackers will not only ensure air pollution free Diwali, but there won’t be noise pollution too. We are already polluting the air too much knowingly or unknowingly.


The electronic devices we use, the vehicles we use, and loads of other articles of daily use have taken a toll on the environment at some time or the other. They add to both air Pollution and noise pollution. This mostly happens during their manufacturing and then followed by transportation.

It’s my earnest appeal to burst firecrackers as less as possible. And help in protecting our environment to the best of our ability. Let us be the change we want to see in ourselves. And take the initiative. After all, someone will have to be the first to do it. I am

doing it on my part.

Change in celebrations

The Diwali festival these days aren’t like the older ones. Each year the level of pollution is on the rise. It adds to global warming. Well, and one does not need to speak about the disastrous effects of global warming. It can be catastrophic enough to put all of us – our very existence – in danger.

There are a variety of new firecrackers that have been introduced in the market. There is a combination of colors and sound that is indeed very alluring. Even the adults are tempted to burst them.

However, there are some safe crackers for kids too. Some of them just produce mild sound but lots of colors. Small children and kids get excited on seeing so many colors with sounds. The possibility of such firecrackers hurting the kids is also minimal.


Please be the inspiration to others in your locality, school, town and city. Your one honest move will be enough to send the feelers to others. Also keep a watch on children when they are bursting crackers and do not leave them alone. Save our environment today for our children tomorrow!

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